Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Timescales of progress

Cleaning out some of the detritus in the lab, I came across large sheet of paper with the following written across the top:

EarlyToBed Lab Mid-Range/Long-Range Project Plans

On the timescale of days, weeks, and even months, it’s difficult for me to assess if I am making progress. Usually at this time of the year, I list what I’ve accomplished over the past year So here’s my opportunity with my archived progress list!

I had listed six lab projects, plus a timeline and a list of human resources. How did I do?

Project I: Part A and Part B. Part A has been done, with one paper published and a second well into the review process. Part B (the important part) has not been done; I’m not sure it can be done; though I’m funded to do it. I lost my grad student working on Project I, so it’s what I will be doing this summer in the lab.

Project II: Student passed his qualifying exam yesterday with preliminary results from this project. It is still not at the level where I want it. I’ll be working with project II student this summer.

Project III: Part A and Part B. This has been a spectacular success, with progress that has matched my dreams that summer in 2006. Only one additional paper; however there are several in preparation, and the project now has parts C, D, E, and F.

Project IV: Student made headway on project IV, and a paper is in review. However, I lost this student also, so this project (not fully funded) needs to wait for another person. It’s cool; it’s just not at the top of my priority list.

Project V: Was not a high priority project two years ago, however Grad student has made great progress. We are writing up two papers, and will propose to continue this work.

Project VI: There has been no progress on this; I heard that a colleague is working on this problem; I no longer consider it a priority for me.

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